Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I Love Being Busy!

AND boy have I been busy!  I've had two of my grandchildren for 5 entire days!  I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have a 18 month old and a 5 year old in the house!  Natalie is 18 months old and is amazing!  I know, I'm a typical grandmother but she really is amazing and so much like her aunts were when they were little!!  Within 24 hours of being here she had figured out how to open the bathroom door, how to get one of the plastic toy containers and turn it upside down and get to anything she wanted!!

Our grandson, Austin is 5 and is in kindergarten!  It's been MANY years since I have had to get someone up to catch the bus!  The first morning I went in to wake him up and he was in bed completely dressed for school!  The second day he got off the bus the first thing he said to me was "Meme, I like that bus ride!  It's much faster than when I go home!".  Austin spent a couple of hours with me in my Quilting room while I was working on the Long Arm, we may have another quilter in the family someday!!

The remainder of my week has been spent quilting.  The Scarlet Thread is busy getting ready to deliver quilts for the Quilts of Valor.  Here's what I've been busy doing!


My Long Arm prior to today's deliveries!

Here's what was delivered!!!

Ocean Froth Quilting Pattern
 Such a sweet quilt.  Brenda intends to use this as a Throw Quilt

Asher Blue Quilting Thread

QOV quilt.  Cotton Candy Quilting Pattern

White Linen Thread Color

This one was so neat to work on!!  Absolutely different from all the other QOV's.
Quilting Pattern used was Van Gogh!

Thread Color Sahara Shadows

Stars & Loops Quilting Pattern

Freedom is the Thread Color, here's a picture of the Front


Jill Made this Quilt for QOV and it is beautiful!  The Quilting pattern is Berry Vine and the quilt was entirely made up of scraps!  It is beautiful!  The most wonderful part about this quilt (besides the fact that it is being donated) is that Jill completely stepped out of her comfort zone of carefully planning and matching all of her fabrics and made this beautiful scrappy quilt!  Congratulations Jill!!

Here's the  back of Jill's quilt, the thread color is Caravan!

Cheryl's QOV.  The quilting pattern is Ocean Froth!

Thread color Caravan!

Another picture of Cheryl's quilt, this is really a beautiful quilt!

The quilting pattern on this is a simple meander and was beautiful!  This is a beautiful Red, White & Blue quilt that is bright and cherry!

Believe it or not but the inside of this quilt is simply strips of the border fabric!  Beautiful isn't it!  Patti did a great job with this quilt!
Quilting pattern is Growing Things!

The Thread color is Lime Stone!


Quilting pattern on this beautiful Red, White & Blue Quilt is Cotton Candy

The Thread color is Amish Red!

This one I'm showing the back first!  Look at these butterflies!!!  

This is Linda's QOV quilt!  The thread color is Cedars!!

Here's the front of the Butterflies Quilt!

Another of the Butterflies!

That was my week!

Happy Quilting and if you have the ability please donate to QOV!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Notice Anything New????

I am so very excited!!!  My new LOGO and business cards are done!!  How do you like the new Logo?

I'm in love with it!  The designer behind all of this gorgeous work is Jessica Crane Photography (yup, the same photographer that did our awesome family pictures back in December!!

Here's a picture of the front of my new business cards:

and now the back:

Aren't they beautiful?  

Happy Quilting!!