Friday, April 24, 2015

Hand Sewn Binding

Yesterday I worked on hand sewing some binding on a quilt.  Hand sewing binding down is one of those things that I really do enjoy doing.  I know some people don't enjoy it because it takes so long but honestly I do, I enjoy the pace of it and how very relaxing it is because it isn't one of those things that you are expected to be able to do quickly.  Hand sewing binding down (especially on a big quilts) requires you to sit back for a few minutes and slowly work away at it.

Often I hand stitching my bindings while watching TV in the evening or while listening to a good book.  I hope my tutorial is informative and that you also enjoy hand stitching binding.

Thanks so much & Happy Quilting!!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Studio Update!

The process of building my new studio is happening very quickly!  We have been amazed at how quick and efficient these guys are!  Tuesday morning at 7:25 AM two trucks pulled up and within a few minutes a third truck arrived and all of a sudden our driveway was filled with workers, lumber and trucks!

One of the two supply trucks (the trusses were delivered a few days ago).

The 'Bobcat' had a little issue getting some of the supplies off but did finally manage to get the forks under it.

With a little help from the project forman :).

Below is my husband talking with the Forman and Brian from Santelli Lumber.  You can see in the background the holes were already being dug.

By 8:00 AM our driveway was full and the site was squared up with string and there were blue marks on the pad for the holes to be dug!  We hadn't even walked back in the house from taking the above picture and we were being asked when the building inspector was coming to inspect the holes!  All I could think was 'holes, you just got here'!  But sure enough they were just about ready for the building inspector.  
By 8:30 all holes had been dug and they were being filled with cement, some type of a cement block and posts.

I don't do well with heights so these pictures left me a little weak in the knees!

See my stairs?  Access to the second floor storage!  YEA!

My porch is starting to take shape!
 I called my sister as the first truss went up and before I knew it the second truss was up!

Within 30 minutes 56' of trusses were up and they were starting to put the remainder of the roof up.

See that larger gap between the trusses?  That's for my stairs!!

A better picture.  (I know I went a little photo crazy!)
At the end of day 1 we have a 24' x 56' building with a roof and the windows and doors framed in!

We've got a lot more to do before we can sit on my patio and have a cup of coffee and enjoy some hand stitching but my dream studio is starting to come to life!

My last picture on day 1, everyone's gone home, time to cook dinner and put another quilt on the long arm!  The builders will be back on Thursday so stay tuned!  (I promise to be back with quilting stuff in a few days!)

Happy Quilting Everyone!