Monday, December 23, 2013

My Daughter's First Quilt!

Our youngest daughter (youngest by 1 minute :)) unexpectedly came home for a week.  God received another Angel this past Sunday when he took my Mother-In-Law home.  Our daughter and grandchildren came home to be with us and while we are extremely saddened to have lost someone we love so dearly our spirits were lifted by the presence of our daughter, her 2 year old son and 6 month old daughter!

We had a full day today at home and we were productive!  My daughter made her very first quilt!!  One advantage of having a Long Arm in the house was I could take it into my long arm room and now it's all quilted!  All I've got left to do is bind it and then it will be going home with them on Christmas day.

It was one of those quick and easy Jelly Roll Quilts!  These are fantastic quilts when you need one fast and it's also a great quilt for new quilters because it helps then get the hang of quilting a 1/4" seam and how to sew a straight line!


I quilted it with Ducks and cattails!

While the kids took a nap we got busy making Christmas cookies and after dinner the remainder of our grandchildren joined us to frost cookies!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Downton Abbey Block #4 - Castle Garden

Time to start sewing!

I like to lay everything out that I’m sewing so that I can make certain I’m sewing it together correctly.

First step was to sew the triangles on each side of the square.  Once they are sewn square up your triangle using the corner of the square as your guide to give you a ¼” seam allowance at the point. 

Next attach your triangle to create a 6 ½” square.  Set these aside.

Next we are going to make 4 flying geese units.
I start by laying my next block sections out.

Attach the outer triangles trimming each section as you go giving a ¼” beyond your intersecting points.


Once those are attached attach your next triangle.

Don’t forget to clip the ‘rabbit ears’ and trim your blocks.

Square this up again by using the your ‘points’ to create your ¼”.  In the above photo I used where the black met the cream background fabric and the straight lines on my ruler.
I also used the points on my triangles as a second reference mark when squaring up each step.

Attach your next triangle

Attaching more triangles!

This squares up to 6 ½” x 12 ½”.

Next step is to make your center block.  Again I start by laying it out.

Make your flying geese first and then sew your center row.

The flying geese were 3 ½” x 6 ½”, once attached to the center block they were 12 ½” x 6 ½”.
I forgot to take pictures of the top & bottom rows!  Those rows square up to 3 ½” x 12 ½”.

Sew your three rows together.

Your finished block is 24 ½” and you are only making one!!!

Check out Miss Marker’s Quilts at:

My most recent tutorials at Miss Markers Quilts or Margaret Leuwen Miss Marker’s Quilts

Happy Quilting!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Project Almost Done!

That's right, another project is almost done!  This project is really special.... want to know why?  First off because it's pink (I do love pink) but the absolute best part of this project is I get to offer it as a FREE pattern for everyone on January 1, 2014!

While everyone else has busy with the Holidays I've been busy sewing!  I took a quick snap shot of the quilt before I pressed it to share it with you!  Pink, purple, blue & gray they are so very pretty together!  Can you see the little bunny rabbits?  

The top is completed, next step is borders!

Borders - that's a subject very close to my heart and to my Long Arm!  I have always been amazed that patterns rarely give good instruction on the proper way of attaching borders so that your quilt is stabilized and framed.  I've had some requests to show the proper way to attach borders to a quilt.  I figure this is the perfect quilt to use to demonstrate borders AND it will give you another sneak peak at it!  So be watching for my Borders You Tube Video coming up before January 1st!

Happy Quilting!!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Downton Abbey Block #3 - Mary

Block # 3 Mary

Good news!  This is a nice and easy block and it finishes big, 18 ½”!

Cutting instructions:
               A – HST 6:            cut 7 1/8” strip
Sub cut into 4 -  7 1/8” squares
Then sub cut those in half diagonally
               B – QST 6:            Cut 7 ½” strip
                                             Sub cut into 2 - 7 ½” squares
                                             Then sub cut those in half diagonally both directions
               C – SQ 6:              Cut 6 ½” strip
                                             Sub cut into 6 ½” squares

Time to sew!

I didn’t follow the directions (sorry)!  I started from the center and worked my way out on the block.  I was trying to make certain I kept my points.

I like to take and press the pieces in half and make a crease where the two pieces of fabric are going to be joined.  This makes the two pieces of fabric kind of snuggle up against each other and it helps me in centering my pieces!  J

I’ve creased the two pieces & snuggled them together, pinned them and now I’ll sew them. 

Once I had sewn these on I pressed the seams out and then continued sewing the other sides on.  (Yes, I made both blocks at the same time!)

At this point the block squared up to 8 5/8”.  If yours squares up a little larger or a little smaller that’s okay.  What matters with this block is we want to try to keep our points.

Now do those steps all over again with the next row of material, this time you’ll square up to right about the 12” mark.

I carefully laid all of my triangles out for these next pieces because I knew I would have an issue if the lines on the outside pieces weren’t going in the same direction. 

Sew your triangles together!  Careful though, you are working with a lot of bias seams!!  Don't stretch! :)

Squaring up at this point wasn’t complete squaring up but I got it as square as I could.  What I was trying to accomplish was to make certain that I had a quarter of an inch from the point of the triangle to the end for my seam allowance. 

Next you are going to attach this piece to your block.

I match my two points up and pinned on both side to keep my points together.  When pinning I starting at the center and worked my way out.  Sew opposite sides first, press seams open then sew the other sides.

Square up again, using your points as your reference to cut.

Add your final triangles!  Trim & you are done!  This block is to finish at 18 ½”.  One of mine finished at 18 ¼”, I’ve stuck a pin in the center of that block so when I go to put the quilt together I know that I’ve got to be careful to take this into consideration when sewing with it again.

If you aren't already a part of the Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt Along please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to add you to the mailing!!

If you have any questions or suggestions PLEASE feel free to either post a response or contact me!  
Happy Quilting Everyone!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Attaching a Quilt to the Long Arm!

I've been busy over here getting quilts done for people for Christmas presents so I don't have a lot that I can share with you, we don't want to spoil surprises!

The next quilt in line happen to be a non-Christmas present quilt so I quickly did up a video showing how I go about attaching a quilt to the long arm!  The video is a little long but if you stick around to the end you will get to see it all quilted!

Thanks for watching!!!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Shhh.... This is someone's Christmas Present!

Brenda sent me pictures of a quilt I quilted for her and I am busting a the seams to share them with you!!!  Brenda and her husband have a cat that is deaf, the cat loves to lay on Brenda's quilts and loves to snuggle up to Brenda's sewing machine when Brenda is sewing!  Here's a picture of Alice helping Brenda out!

Alice is beautiful!!!

The recipient of this quilt is a University of Wisconsin graduate!

I have a soft spot for binding done with stripped fabrics!

The border design is Alexis, the red striped border is quilted with a Lacing design and the edge to edge inner design is also Alexis, all quilting designs by Anne Bright.  The thread used is King Tut Cherry Red.

Happy Quilting Everyone!!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Block #2 King's Crown Pre-War

Happy Friday Everyone!  It’s time for Block #2 King’s Crown Pre-War!!

My test Block 2 is complete and the Frixion Pen is now one of the top 10 maybe top 5 notions that I will always have in my sewing room!!  Did you know that Frixion Pens also work great on paper, just iron your piece of paper and your notes disappear!  I found this out when I was working away at this block.  I was making notes on my pattern as to what sizes I should be cutting the pieces and at the same time working away at my test block!  I’m certain this pen saved me 2 ink cartridges and at least 3 trees today!

Why you may ask did this pen become my best friend when making this block?  Because my life lesson of the day is: pattern designers spend hours going over patterns, making certain everything is perfect so that when you go to put your block together it fits.  Designers test patterns at least twice (many times more than twice) plus they are normally put together by pattern testers to make certain they are correct and easily understood.  In the end, we are all human and humans make mistakes so next time I read a pattern and I know in my gut that something just isn’t right I’m going to sit down immediately with my calculator and double check the pattern numbers and I’m NOT going to spend 2 hours trying to make something work that mathematically wont. 

On to block #2!  It’s beautiful!  I love it! 
Here’s your strip cutting directions:
  • ·        Piece A 2” strip sub cut into 2” squares, you need 4 for each block
  • ·     Piece B 5 ¼” strip sub cut in 5 ¼” squares (we are going to make 8 ½ square triangles at once!) you will need 1 square of each fabric for each block. (Note: you will be cutting this block from 2 different fabrics.)
  • ·        Piece B 2 ¾” strip sub cut into 2 ¾” squares (you need 4 squares for each block), then cut diagonally
  • ·        Piece C 3 ¼” strip sub cut into 3 ¼” squares (you need 2 square for each block), then cut diagonally
  • ·        Piece D 4 ¼” strip sub cut into 4 ¼” squares (you need 2 squares for each block), then cut diagonally
  • ·        Piece E 4 ¾” strip sub cut into 4 ¾” square (you need 1 square for each block)

Let’s make the half square triangles first!
Take your two 5 ¼” blocks and set them rights sides together and draw a line diagonally:

Next sew a ¼” seam using your drawn lines as guides.  I’ve sewn mine in Red thread so that it is easy to see:

Now comes the fun!  Start cutting these little babies apart!

Cut your 5 ¼” block in half (2 5/8”) horizontally

Then do it again. 

Now it’s time to cut these the way we’ve all been doing it for years!  Time to cut on your drawn lines.

Take them over to your ironing board, set your seams and then press them open to the dark!
These square up to 2”! 

Next step is to assemble your flying geese.  First off, I need to get my disclaimer out there!  Flying geese aren’t my favorite.  I do however like them when I use Eleanor Burn’s Flying Geese Ruler but I figured everyone may not have one so I’d better do them the somewhat old fashioned way so here we go!  Because this block isn’t my favorite I know I have to make mine a little larger than normal so that I have plenty of room to square them up.  It bugs me when I cut off one of my points so I’ve learned over the years to make mine bigger so when I square them up I’ve got a nice ¼” at the top and sides of my Geese.
This block is made from your 3 ¼” triangles and your 2 ¾” triangles.

Remember I said I like mine a little bigger so that I can square them up!

Sew your triangles to your triangle (1/4” seams) and press to the dark side.  Next, we’ll trim these up so that they look beautiful!

Remember your want your center point to be centered so that’s where I start, I find my center!  This block will be 3 ½” x  2”.  I line my ruler up with the 1 3/4” mark right on the point of my block checking to make certain that my ruler is pretty straight and I cut the right side.

I then flip my block over and trim off the other side, check to make certain that my block is now
3 ½” long.

Square up the top so you have a ¼” seam allowance

Then square up your bottom!  Your block should measure 3 ½” x 2”

Time to put your side borders together

And your top and bottom!

Time to make the center!!

Attach your 4 ¼” triangles to your 4 ¾” squares.  Again, my triangles are larger so that I can square up my points once the block is together.

Attach all four of your triangles to your block pressing the seams towards the triangles.

Square up your block!

Attach your side borders being careful to match up your centers.  I pin the center first then work my way out.

 Attach your top borders! 
Your block is done!!!!

The first color way you will need to make 8 blocks, the second color way calls for 4 blocks.  I’m going to make all of the half square triangles first then make all of my flying geese for all blocks then put all of them together at once.  This week is a little challenging but the good news is next week’s isn’t so if you don’t get all of them done this week you will have some time to catch up next week!

Happy Quilting!!!


If you would like to participate in this mystery quilt please email me at and ask to be added to the list!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!