Friday, June 27, 2014

Erin Condren 2014 - 2015 Life Planner

Everyone seems to be talking lately about Erin Condren products so I wanted to find out what all the buz was about!  I was skeptical at first, figuring that one planner/calendar was like every other one on the market AND to add to that I had spent quite a bit of money in December on a new Franklin Covey planner.  Because I was so skeptical I decided to take it slow and easy and purchase something that no matter what would come in handy for me.

My very first Erin Condren purchase was this address book!  Love it!

Inside the cover is a place to write my contact information so if I ever misplace it hopefully someone will return it to me! 

The things I like most about this address book are:
1. The space to write names and addresses isn't to big or to small, it's just the perfect size!
2. There is a place to list both home and mobile phone numbers.
3.  Spacing for the email address is BIG!  this is important considering some email addresses can be pretty LONG! :)
4. I love the colorful pages, they are beautiful!

After the address section there are a few pages for notes.  These are unlined pages but I am certain they will come in handy at some point.

It also comes with 2 pocket folder and a plastic bag that will be perfect to sore other people's business cards until I get their information into the book.

 Last but not least is a page marker that is easily movable within the address book.  I did purchase a pen holder to put in my address book.

I love it!  It is working out exactly how I need it to work!!!

I liked the address book so much that I wanted to see what their calendars looked like so my next purchase was the Note Book.

I bought it in May and used it for the entire month and knew without a doubt I was sold on these products!  I had originally thought that I would use it to keep track of my Quilting/Long Arm Schedule but have since changed my mind.  The good news about my change of mind is now that the covers are removable I can just order a new cover for it. 

Here's a snap shot of the inside cover.

The calendar!  I believe it was for an additional $5.00 I could add a calendar to the notebook, it was totally worth it!

Great stickers behind the Calendar.  In fact I like some of them better than the ones that came with my Life Planner.  The stickers that have 'doc appt.' also have a space to write what time the appointment is at '@_______", same for hair appointments and dentist appointments!  I like this feature a lot and when I order more stickers I will for certain be adding these to my purchase.

The note book mostly has lined pieces of paper.  They again are the perfect size!  My hand writing isn't huge but it isn't tiny either.  These pages are just right, not to big, not to small!

There are a total of 17 pages that are set up like the above photo.  Perfect for drawing or doodling, which ever suits my mood for that day :). 

In the back you find the classic Erin Condren folder pockets and the zip lock pouch.  I believe I will order a new cover soon and it will simply state Miss Marker's Quilts, Notes on the cover.

All of the above leads directly to what I received in the mail yesterday!!!!  Yup!  I received my 18 month 2014 - 2015 Erin Condren Life Planner!!!!!

 This was my third (but not my last) purchase from Erin Condren.  There were a couple of minor issues with this purchase, one my mistake and one theirs.   I had wanted the cover to have Miss Marker's Quilts all capitalized, when I placed my order I was so excited to be getting it I didn't read carefully and so I didn't make a notation in the special instructions that I wanted all the words to be capitalized.  

The other thing that happened was I had ordered a set of elastic bands and did not receive them.  I'm certain they will send them.  I have contacted customer service and have heard nothing but good about them so there are no worries here.

I am seriously i love with how colorful this planner!

The monthly calendars are again the perfect size, the planner lays flat no matter how many pages are on one side.  There are the cutest little pictures on the holidays.  For Easter there is a little decorated Easter Egg.

The weekly pages are set up perfectly!  The spaces to write in are the perfect size, I like the fact that the day is split into thirds and the fact that on Sunday night I can write my goals for the week and then they are right in my face so that I can accomplish them.

Next comes lined pages for notes.

A 2016 & 2017!  (2014 & 2015 calendar is in the front.)

Great stickers that are now re-positionable!

2 pockets to hold my extra stickers and anything else I may need.

A zippered plastic pouch at the back, a perfect place to put receipts or anything else that I need safely tucked away.

The beautifully colored back!

I am (obviously) thrilled with my purchase!  I am going to order a new cover for my 'Take Note' book and will be using that for a Notebook when I am at conferences and will continue to use the address book for my business.

If you've been thinking about ordering from Erin Condren, I honestly can't say enough good about their products.  I am thrilled with what I've purchased and believe that it is worth every penny I spent.

Erin Condren has supplied me with a link for my readers (and You Tube subscribers) to receive $10.00 off their first purchase!!!  So now's the time, if you've been thinking of purchasing something from Erin Condren click here to receive $10.00 off your purchase!!!

Thank you for reading!  You can find my tutorials on You Tube by searching for Margaret Leuwen Quilting.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Baby's First Quilt

I finished  a very special quilt this week for Karen!  Karen is expecting her first child and has made this quilt for him and it is adorable!

It was quilted with White Linen thread color and there were a few different patterns used.

Caroline Feathered Cable was used in the outside border.

NY Beauty Star was used to outline the Kites.  This pattern was half of what was needed to fill the area so I duplicated and changed the horizontal aspect of the pattern to achieve what was needed to fill the space.

Feathered Kite was used in the Kites.

 A Simple swirl was used to fill the sashing strips.

And a snapshot of the back!  I love the elephants!

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jo Morton Club

I belonged to a Jo Morton Club this  past year at O'Susannah's Quilts & Gifts.  There were a total of 9 patterns and all of the quits were small wall hangings and are only available for club members.  I managed to get 3 of the 9 tops completed and out of the 3 I managed to get 2 of them quilted and bound!  Sue invited everyone from the group to her house for dinner and to see everyone's quilts!  Dinner was fantastic but the Quilts were absolutely gorgeous!  Sue strung a clothes line between the pillars on her porch so that we could show off our work!

I have to admit the flowers on her porch are really pretty too!

These classes were taught by Sharon Bristol.  Sharon works at the shop and also teaches there.  She is a wonderful teacher and has a fantastic beginner's class!

The third quilt in from the left was the only quilt there that wasn't a club pattern but it is one of JoMorton's patterns.  Suzanne made it and the applique is all wool!  It is really sharp!

Sue's house is on a corner and the street is quite busy, our quilts were definitely stopping traffic!  More than once someone slammed on their breaks so they could get a better look!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Happy Quilting!