Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family Pictures!

Two amazing things happened to me today!  The first was I got a few minutes to look at our family pictures that we had done on December 9th!  I just had to share them with you!  The photographer is amazing!  Check out Jessica Crane Photography!!

We have been truly blessed by God!  My husband and next to him is our oldest daughter Tracy, on the left is our daughter Jacqueline and on the right is her twin our daughter Lindsey.

Our Grandchildren from left to right, Natalie, Austin, Andrew & Lyon

All of our Children, Grandchildren and their Husbands!

The second thing that happened is I was nominated for Liebster Award on my blog!!!!  I am so excited to have been nominated by Toye of!!  I am truly honored!!!  Check back tomorrow for an update on this!!

Thanks everyone!!

Happy Quilting!

Playing Catch Up!

I am so far behind at posting pictures of completed quilts and of calling customers to tell them their quilts are done!  I've been getting up early so that I can get as much accomplished as possible in a day and then it seems I just keep quilting and by the time I realize what time it is it's to late to be calling people!  I'm going to get pictures posted now and then  hopefully before the day is over I will get the phone calls made!!!

Here we go!  Grab another cup of coffee and I hope you enjoy!

This quilt brightened my day beyond belief!  I worked on this quilt on one of those days that the sun couldn't find it's way to peak through the clouds.  The border of this quilt is made up of women sitting at the beach so I let that make the decision on how I would quilt it.

The back was just as bright and fun as the front!

Here you can see the quilting design a little better.  Can you find the lighthouse?  How about the Sea Shell?  Or the Star fish?

I told you the front of the quilt was fun!  

This was the PERFECT quilt to work on when the day was dreary, it picked my spirits right up and made me think of summer and not the 2 feet of snow we have!!

I really like the lighthouse and the sand pail!

Here's a close up of the lighthouse!

And then there are these adorable sandals!!!

And the sand bucket!  I hope they take this quilt to the beach!!

The Sea Shell!

This quilt is for a young lady and the batiks made me think of swirls and so that's what I quilted it in!

If you look closely at the purple batik you can see that it is filled with oval circles and I found the perfect quilting patter that is OVAL CIRCLES!!!  I love it when that happens!

I fall in love with all the quilts I quilt!  It is so hard to have a favorite because they are all so beautiful!

This quilt was very nicely put together and I really liked the bright green border, it set off the quilt perfectly!


Grandmother's Fan!!  Another really beautiful quilt!

The fabrics had a lot of gold in them and the entire quilt has a oriental feel to it!!

Pretty isn't it?

Another picture of the front and then the beautiful back!!

That's it for now!  Two more to get on the Long Arm before the day is over!!!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Old Gold Class!

Today was our final class for the Old Gold Quilt made out of a Jelly Roll and a Layer Cake!  We had a lot of fun!  You can see the finished quilt in the background of the first picture.  Judy and Tracy were diligently working away at getting their quilt pieces cut and ready to sew!

The pattern called for two blocks to be made into Log Cabin blocks but we didn't like how they looked so Rita and Judy both designed their own blocks!  I love how they look and the fact that they now both have quilt blocks that are completely different from everyone else's!

Joyce, Molly & Tracy were busy setting up the layout for Molly's quilt.  The quilt is so beautiful!  See the big quilt on the wall in the background?  Check out the detail of the quilting (YES, it's a quilt that I quilted!)  You can find close up pictures here.

Rita was busy sewing while the girls were busy with Molly's quilt!

Here's Judy's blocks that she designed for her quilt!  It still amazes me how different Judy's and Rita's blocks are!  Both used 3 - 2 1/2" strips of fabric and sewed the together exactly the same way BUT they cut their blocks differently and look they each got totally different looking blocks!!

Tonight out my night with all the grandchildren (well 3 out of the 4 of them) and then tomorrow we are off to visit our parents to celebrate mom's 90th birthday!!!  

Happy Quilting!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

And I Thought Last Week Was Busy Part 2

Get ready to see a bunch of pictures!!  I had a blast quiting this quilt!  I believe this quilt is going to be someones present!!!  Ruth of The Scarlet Thread in Webster NY made this quilt and I had a blast quiting it!!
I used two colors of thread, the first is Crushed Grapes, I used this for the borders and for the blocks that were set on point.

Here's a picture of the quilt, yup I'm still trying to figure out how to get pictures of the entire quilt!  My husband suggested today that I take them outside on our deck to get full pictures but there is a slight issue, we currently have a foot and a half of snow AND it's about 5 degrees outside!!

The border!  Quilted in Crushed Grapes thread.

I really liked how the fan blocks turned out!

The purple border is quilted with a cross hatch wavy border, everyone that sees this border loves it!


A close up of the fans.

Finally I got a shot of the bottom of the fan, isn't that a sweet design?  The green setting triangles were quilted with a green thread that perfectly matched the green in the fabric!

Next up is a quilt that will be donated to the Quilts of Valor.  This quilt is being donated by Beth at The Scarlet Thread.

This Heart patter is actually a border pattern that I (with the help of my Gammill Statler Stitcher) turned it into a Edge to Edge design!!  Love My Statler!!

The thread color is white linen and worked perfectly with this beautiful Batik quilt!!

I loved the simplicity of this design and I'm certain it will be well loved and appreciated by the person who receives it!

A snapshot of almost the entire quilt!!  If you have an opportunity to donate a quilt to the Quilts of Valor please do so!  The Scarlet Thread in Webster NY is extremely active in supporting this cause, you can find information about the QOV on their web site or on the Quilts of Valor website

The next quilt is also one from The Scarlet Thread!

There were 3 borders on this quilt and each border was quilted with a different pattern!  The first border is quited with Growing Things Dew, the inner border is Growing Things Wave and the inside border is quited with Growing Things Lace.

The quilt was quilted with Alexis Edge to Edge design and the entire quilt was quilted with Caravan thread color.

Close up of the inner border!

Outer border.

Middle border.

The quilt!  LOVE IT! 

That's it for now!!

Happy Quilting!!

And I Thought Last Weekend Was Busy!!

I'm really not certain where the week went to but it's already Friday!  This week has been spent for the most part at my Long Arm.  I ended last week and started this week working on a Block of the Month quilt for The Quilting Bee in Sodus NY.  It's really a pretty quilt, and a pretty reasonably price BOM.  Each month you will receive a block, the instructions, the fabric to complete one block and all the sashing & borders for $20.00 per month.

Here's a couple of pictures of it when it came off the Long Arm.

I really like the backs of quilts!

The backing is off white Extra Wide backing from Moda.

The front of the quilt, there are a total of 9 - 12" blocks in the center, there are two outside borders, one have 6 - 6" blocks and the outside border has a large corner blocks.  

This is my absolute favorite block in the entire quilt!

The corner blocks were quilted with a triangle feather pattern called Abundant Feathers.

You can tell I really liked the center block!

That's how the week started, stay tuned to find out how the remainder of the week went!!

Happy Quilting!