Saturday, September 14, 2013

So Much Going On!

The last couple of days have been absolutely amazing!  Especially yesterday, Friday September 13, 2013!  I've never been one of those people that are superstitious about Friday the 13th in fact some of the most wonderful moments in my life were on Friday the 13th!  I witnessed my niece being born on Friday the 13th (many years ago), yesterday I was part of a fantastic celebration at a quilt shop and I won something from Lissa Moda Blog on Friday the 13th!

First and foremost, Happy Birthday Jillian Sarah!  Love you TONS!

Second, I spent yesterday at O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts in Watkins Glen NY.  O'Susannah's was selected as a TOP TEN quilt shop by Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler Magazine!!!  I've had this little secret since January and believe me it has been one tough secret to keep!  If you haven't had a chance to visit O'Susannah's and you are in the NY Finger Lakes area stop in and see her wonderful shop!  Yesterday the shop had a huge party and 'unwrapped' the boxes of the magazine!  Here's a snapshot of Sue and her very first customer on the day she opened the shop opening the box of magazines.

Do you remember pictures of the quilt in the background?  Search back through my blog and you can see pictures of when I quilted it!  When you get the magazine take a close look at MANY of the quilts and you will see that I quilted a bunch of them.

The next great thing that happened to me yesterday was I won a Quilt Top from Moda Lissa's Blog!!  I NEVER win anything!  In fact my husband jokes with me about how 'unlucky I am!  Years ago were were in Atlantic City, I was there for work and my husband came along and met up with friends of ours.  I spent most of the day in a convention center but once in a while got a break to check up on them and see what fun they were having in the casinos.  My husband loves to tell the story about how there were doing so well at the slot machines UNTIL I called, yup, they all insisted on telling me (repeated times) how they knew it was me calling because they immediately started loosing money at the slots! We still love to laugh about that.

Well any way back to my lucky 13 day!  Moda Lissa has been running a give away this month, she cleaned out her sewing room and is giving away some really great prizes!  On Thursday I entered for Chocolat Quilt Blocks Giveaway and on Friday I WON!!  I still can't believe it!  

It's another busy weekend at Miss Marker's!  I ordered a barn quilt sign of my logo this morning, can't wait to show it to you AND we are off to a wedding this afternoon.  A very special couple are getting married, they are close friends of our oldest daughter and her husband.  Tracy, Tony, Austin & Natalie are all in the wedding so I'll be sharing photos!  And just so you know the bride is pretty special to me too, she was born on my birthday!!!

Happy Quilting Everyone!