Wednesday, October 9, 2013

8 Half Square Triangles At Once

Yes, that wasn't a typo!  I'm making a mini quilt and the directions while good left absolutely no room to trim/square up the half square triangles which when working with little pieces can be disastrous!  My half square triangles are 1 1/2" unfinished with the total block being 2 1/2" inches so I am working with really tiny pieces that have to be squared up!  Here's what I did:

I started with 2 - 4" squares

Placed right sides together

Drew a line from the upper left corner to the lower right corner

Then drew a line from the upper right corner to the lower left corner

Sorry that the thread doesn't show up better!  I sewed a scant quarter seam on each side of my drawn line

Another shot of the same block trying to get a better picture of the sewn lines...

Next comes the fun part!  Time to start cutting up the block!
First cut is right down the center of the block

Next cut is straight across the center of the block

Now cut on the drawn line

You now have 8 half square triangles!!!

Here they are all pressed open ready to be squared up

See how tiny they are?  I'm not certain how much I really like working with these tiny little pieces!

I just had to show you all the trimmings I got off those 8 square!

My next step was to sew them together in groups of two.  Make certain you nuzzle those seams together!

Notice anything wrong with this picture?

Had to get the seam ripper out for this one!  Learn from my mistakes, make certain they are all sewn together the same way!
All Fixed!

Here come the Pinwheels!

Sew together and remember to set your seams!

Press open

Square up for the last time!

A close up of the back.  Does everyone know how to open the centers of your block?

Finished size 2 1/2"

There you have it!  8 Half Square Triangles at once!!  

Happy Quilting!