Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pillowcases Quick & Easy

I spent a little time in my sewing room today! YEA!!  I had made a quilt for a baby shower but wanted to be able to deliver it in a pillowcase so today was the day to get the pillowcase done.  I love making these, they are so quick and easy!  Here’s what you need to make a single pillowcase:

Pillowcase Fabric Requirements
(Makes 1 pillowcase)
1/8 yard for piping
1/3 yard for band
7/8 yard for pillowcase body

Cutting Requirements

1 – 2” x 41” (I used a 2 ½” by width of fabric)
1 – 11” x 41” (I cut mine by WOF and then just cut off the excess)
1 – 26” x 41” (WOF)

Or you can go to and visit the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.  They’ve got a bunch of free patterns on there to make a pillowcase, I used pattern #15.  I also did not follow their sewing instructions.  Here’s how I made them:

Cut your pieces of fabric to the correct size.  I left all of my pieces the width of the fabric and just cut the length down to the size I needed.  I also had some 2 ½” strips left from the quilt so instead of cutting that strip down or cutting a new one I used the 2 ½” strip.  You can use all the same fabrics or you can switch them up, the choice is yours!

Once you’ve got all three pieces of your fabric cut take the 2 ½” strip and fold it in half wrong side together and press it. 

Next take your piece of fabric that is 11” x WOF and lay that face up on your table.

Next take your piece of fabric that is 26” x WOF and lay that face up on top of the 11” piece lining up the raw edges.

Your final piece of fabric to place on top is your 2 ½” strip that has been folded in half (remember wrong sides together just like you are making binding) and place that on top of all the pieces.   You may want to put some pins in to hold all of these pieces together.

Pick up the bottom of your 26” piece of fabric and roll it into itself.  Keep rolling it until you get almost all the way to the piping strip.  Once you’ve rolled the 26” piece you can easily see your band piece of fabric.  

Pick up the raw edge (at the bottom) and fold it up to meet the top of your piping strip and pin.

Now take it to the sewing machine and sew a ¼” seam.  So easy!

You’ve now got a tube that looks like this!

Reach into the sewn tube and start pulling the fabric out, you’ve got a piece of fabric that has an attached band and piping but NO raw seams!!!

Time to press!  This may be a step that you just don’t think is important but if you don’t press you run the risk of your seams not matching or of your fabric having a twist in it so take just a few minutes and press.

Next step (and one I always have to double check myself on) fold your pillowcase in half, WRONG sides together.  Yes, wrong, not right sides together. If you haven’t trimmed your selvage now’s the time to do it, just double check and make certain that you haven’t left a selvage before your proceed.  Pin and sew down one side and across the bottom with a ¼” seam.

Turn pillowcase wrong sides out, press and now sew ½” seam down one side and across the bottom!

Turn pillowcase right side out and press one last time and it’s done!

Fast and easy for sure!  Next time you purchase fabric, a jelly roll or a layer cake for a quilt don’t forget to grab a little extra fabric to make a pillowcase!

Happy Quilting!