Friday, October 12, 2012

New Thread Colors!!

Look at what arrived in my mail box today......Two new thread colors!!!

The solid is Barley Sugar and the variegated is Autumn Days!  Aren’t they absolutely gorgeous!
I really like both of these new colors.  The solid (Barley Sugar) will be beautiful on a fall quilt and I think it will also look wonderful on a Christmas quilt.  The variegated (Autumn Days) is really pretty, I’m in love with this one!  I can just imagine how beautiful it would be done up in one of these leaf patterns designed by Kim Diamond:

Do you or do you know of someone who has a “fall colored” quilt top that is sitting in their sewing room and needs to be quilted?  If so, email me at, I’ve got the PERFECT color thread and the PERFECT pattern to finish your quilts!