Monday, March 11, 2013

Anyone for a NYC Taxi Ride???

When I picked up this quilt from The Scarlet Thread in Webster NY I knew EXACTLY how I wanted to quilt it!!  I really like the fact that the quilt has really large blocks to quilt in and that is exactly what I took complete advantage of!!

This is one of those patterns that the top is quick and easy to put together and I love the color combinations!  I quilted most of this quilt in Edge to Edge designs which made the quilting part of it easy too!  As follows is exactly what I quilted and where!!

Here's a view of the entire quilt quilted!

In all of the Dragonfly  borders and blocks I quilted a Dragonfly pattern!  I know, it really didn't take much thought on my part but I thought it was a fitting pattern for the fabric!!

In the 'cross bar' block (top right) I used an Argyle pattern and love how it looks!

Again, I know it didn't take a whole lot of brain power but in the block with the white background and the black leaves I quilted a simple edge to edge pattern called Simple Leaf!

The block right next to the leaves is one of my favorite blocks it's all circles so I quilted Wild Mouse which is a fantastic pattern of all circles!!

This picture really shows off the pattern in the yellow borders, my favorite Wavy Cross Hatch pattern!!!  A great all around border pattern!!

Aren't those HUGE flowers fantastic??  The quilting has the same HUGE flowers!!

Another great shot of the Wavy Cross Hatch Borders!

A close up of the Argyle pattern!

Click on the picture for a CLOSE up!

Here are my leaves and more of the Wavy Cross Hatches!

So many Circles here!

I think I'm in love with this flower pattern!  I'm going to have to use this one again!

Aren't the Dragonflies cute?

When I delivered the quilt today to The Scarlet Thread in Webster NY they told me that this quilt is going to end up going to her granddaughter because the colors reminded her of a NYC Checker Taxi Cab and she is so right, it does!  Anyone up for a NYC Taxi ride in Webster NY?  If so head on over to The Scarlet Thread!

Happy Quilting!!