Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One Quilt, Two Quilts, Three Quilts, MORE!! Cont.!

You saw One Quilt....  Now here's Two Quilts!

A Jelly Roll!  I LOVE these quilts!  They are so individual and all so pretty!

The quilting pattern is Berry Vine and the thread color is Caravan!

A very beautiful Quilt made by Jane!!  Great Job! 

And now for THREE QUILT!  You aren't going to believe this one, it is stunning!!!

Isn't it beautiful?  This quilt is Custom Quilted.

It is quilted with Sands of Time thread color.
The pieced block was quilted with Allissa Block 2.

It's hard to see in these pictures but the setting triangles were quilted with Feathers.

The Feathers weave their way around the pieced blocks.

Here's a close up of the blocks.

And now for the BACK!
The backing material is black with a small gold leaf, the perfect back for this quilt!

Here you can see the way the Feathers weave their way around the blocks.

This quilt was a joy to quilt, it is a truly exceptional quilt!

That's One Quilt, Two Quilts, Three Quilts and MORE to come!!!

Happy Quilting!!