Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beautiful Quilts!

I'm a little behind on posting pictures of customer's quilts!

I really like the dimension that this quilt has, the placement of the fabric colors is wonderful, it almost has a 3D feel to it!  The inside green/brown Batik block have a floating appearance against the brown and cream blocks and the border fabric perfectly frames the entire quilt!  Love it!

Here's a close up!

This quilt is so sweet and it is backed with flannel, just imagine cuddling up with this quilt on a cool spring night!  This would definitely be one of the quilts I would want to take out on the deck with me to watch the stars as soon as the snow melts!  Quilted with Soft and Sweet quilting pattern and White Linen thread.

1600 Quilts are FANTASTIC!  They are quick, easy and you can make an entire top for a reasonable amount of money!  Remember that in a couple of months when all of your nieces and nephews are asking for a quilt for graduation to take to college with them!  

Quilting pattern is Cotton Candy with White Linen thread.
I am a pastel kind of girl so these quilts were so wonderful to work on!!

Batiks are BEAUTIFUL!
This pattern is really beautiful, the sewing job wonderful and the fabric choice is exceptional!  

Quilting pattern is one of my favs, Wild Mouse and Lapis Blue/Purple variegated thread was used.

Aren't all of these quilts beautiful?  

Happy Quilting!!