Monday, December 2, 2013

Shhh.... This is someone's Christmas Present!

Brenda sent me pictures of a quilt I quilted for her and I am busting a the seams to share them with you!!!  Brenda and her husband have a cat that is deaf, the cat loves to lay on Brenda's quilts and loves to snuggle up to Brenda's sewing machine when Brenda is sewing!  Here's a picture of Alice helping Brenda out!

Alice is beautiful!!!

The recipient of this quilt is a University of Wisconsin graduate!

I have a soft spot for binding done with stripped fabrics!

The border design is Alexis, the red striped border is quilted with a Lacing design and the edge to edge inner design is also Alexis, all quilting designs by Anne Bright.  The thread used is King Tut Cherry Red.

Happy Quilting Everyone!!