Friday, December 6, 2013

Downton Abbey Block #3 - Mary

Block # 3 Mary

Good news!  This is a nice and easy block and it finishes big, 18 ½”!

Cutting instructions:
               A – HST 6:            cut 7 1/8” strip
Sub cut into 4 -  7 1/8” squares
Then sub cut those in half diagonally
               B – QST 6:            Cut 7 ½” strip
                                             Sub cut into 2 - 7 ½” squares
                                             Then sub cut those in half diagonally both directions
               C – SQ 6:              Cut 6 ½” strip
                                             Sub cut into 6 ½” squares

Time to sew!

I didn’t follow the directions (sorry)!  I started from the center and worked my way out on the block.  I was trying to make certain I kept my points.

I like to take and press the pieces in half and make a crease where the two pieces of fabric are going to be joined.  This makes the two pieces of fabric kind of snuggle up against each other and it helps me in centering my pieces!  J

I’ve creased the two pieces & snuggled them together, pinned them and now I’ll sew them. 

Once I had sewn these on I pressed the seams out and then continued sewing the other sides on.  (Yes, I made both blocks at the same time!)

At this point the block squared up to 8 5/8”.  If yours squares up a little larger or a little smaller that’s okay.  What matters with this block is we want to try to keep our points.

Now do those steps all over again with the next row of material, this time you’ll square up to right about the 12” mark.

I carefully laid all of my triangles out for these next pieces because I knew I would have an issue if the lines on the outside pieces weren’t going in the same direction. 

Sew your triangles together!  Careful though, you are working with a lot of bias seams!!  Don't stretch! :)

Squaring up at this point wasn’t complete squaring up but I got it as square as I could.  What I was trying to accomplish was to make certain that I had a quarter of an inch from the point of the triangle to the end for my seam allowance. 

Next you are going to attach this piece to your block.

I match my two points up and pinned on both side to keep my points together.  When pinning I starting at the center and worked my way out.  Sew opposite sides first, press seams open then sew the other sides.

Square up again, using your points as your reference to cut.

Add your final triangles!  Trim & you are done!  This block is to finish at 18 ½”.  One of mine finished at 18 ¼”, I’ve stuck a pin in the center of that block so when I go to put the quilt together I know that I’ve got to be careful to take this into consideration when sewing with it again.

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Happy Quilting Everyone!