Monday, December 9, 2013

New Project Almost Done!

That's right, another project is almost done!  This project is really special.... want to know why?  First off because it's pink (I do love pink) but the absolute best part of this project is I get to offer it as a FREE pattern for everyone on January 1, 2014!

While everyone else has busy with the Holidays I've been busy sewing!  I took a quick snap shot of the quilt before I pressed it to share it with you!  Pink, purple, blue & gray they are so very pretty together!  Can you see the little bunny rabbits?  

The top is completed, next step is borders!

Borders - that's a subject very close to my heart and to my Long Arm!  I have always been amazed that patterns rarely give good instruction on the proper way of attaching borders so that your quilt is stabilized and framed.  I've had some requests to show the proper way to attach borders to a quilt.  I figure this is the perfect quilt to use to demonstrate borders AND it will give you another sneak peak at it!  So be watching for my Borders You Tube Video coming up before January 1st!

Happy Quilting!!

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