Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome March!

March always seems like the longest month ever for me!  This year it came in like a Lamb so I'm wondering if it really will go out like a Lion or not!  We'll have to wait and see!

Quilting has been busy!!  There is a lot happening in my sewing world right now.  For starters, the Snowman Alphabet, I've been busy working on it!  Here's the latest piece to be finished up:

This pattern is from Crabapple Hill Studios and I'm in LOVE with it!  I am finishing it up for a Shop Hop that is going to be happening in April this year, I'm busy stitching away!  Wish me luck!

I've been busy quilting for Quilts of Valor and there are a couple of Quilt shows coming up in our area and I've been busy getting quilts done for those shows.  Here's a couple of snapshots of what I've been up to!

Remember how I was having such a hard time getting pictures of the entire quilt?  Well my dear Husband fixed my problem for me AND it was VERY inexpensive!  Under $20.00!  I'm still amazed at how functional curtain rods can be!

Another Quilt of Valor.

Patty, who made and donated this quilt made a total of 4 quilts for this cause and all of them were of really bright and cheerful colors!

This is a 1600 Quilt and every one of them are so different!
Isn't it fantastic that you can finally see the entire quilt!

This is a shop sample for a local quilt shop and it was quilted in Limestone thread color (a bright Lime Green and Bright Yellow) and was quilted in all circles!  Talk about WILD!!

A close up so you can see the quilted circles!

Sorry this picture is a little dark!  A perfect Throw size quilt!  Something to snuggle up with on this cool winter nights.  The quilting pattern is Ivy Trellis.

1600 Here we go again!

Perfect for all those new Grand Babies out there!  Did I tell you we are having our own little baby BOOM in our family?  We've got babies due in May, June and August this year!  Not certain how we happened to miss July!  I've heard that one of them MAY have Margaret in their name!!!  YEAH!

I would LOVE this quilt on my dining room table!  Too bad it's not mine! :(  Yes, I still insist on putting quilts on practically everything in my house!

Please excuse my lack of cropping!  
This was the 2012 Quilt Club Quilt at O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts in Watkins Glen NY.  

Close up of the center block.  Some people did needle turn, others did the button hole stitch and others top stitched this block.  All ways completed it is beautiful!

Close up first, it's it sweet?

I've always been a pastel kind of girl!  

Okay, now I'm being really BAD because I can't remember who's quilt this one is or when I quilted it!  I'm so very sorry!  If it's yours please email me so I can put your name with it!

Another HUGE quilt!

My husband (is an avid hunter and all around sportsman) thought this was the greatest quilt ever!  It really is a wonderful quilt!  It is all flannel and the quilting pattern matched the quilt to perfection!  The quilting is an all over design of Pine Trees, Log Cabins and Deer!

Here's the center panel and Beth designed the borders herself!  She did a great job!

It's that time of year again ~ Yup time to get all those quilts done that are for wedding presents!

I hope this bride & groom realizes how lucky they are!  

I think I was a little punch happy or quilting happy when I did this one!  This is a shop sample and I was told I could do anything I wanted to and I did!  For the quilting patterns I combined two blocks together an one block is Zig Zags and the other is all Squigglies!  (Squigglies is not a word! SORRY)  I thought it was cute!

Check back later this week to see what's on the Long Arm now!  I put it on last night and I can't wait to see it all done!

Happy Quilting!