Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Quick & Easy Baby Quilt

My Niece is expecting in January and today I attended a shower for her.  I was all set last week to go shopping on Friday and find something on her registry when my sister informed me that my niece had said she was hoping I would give her something that I had quilted for the new baby!  It was time for my brain to kick into HIGH gear because there was absolutely no way I had time to piece a quilt together and I what ever I made I wanted it to be completely washable many times over!

Yesterday I stopped at one of my favorite local quilt stores and grabbed 1 1/4 yards of brown Minky and 1 3/4 yards of tan quilters cotton with brown dots!  This morning (5 hours before the shower) I put the Minky on the long arm.  (Note to every long arm quilter out there!  Minky has a stretch and a non stretch direction, it needs to be attached to the leaders so that the non stretch is between the stretcher bars!)  Next layer was of 100% cotton batting and then I topped it with the cotton fabric and quilted it with a pattern called 'Wild Mouse'!



Once I got it quilted I took it to my serger and serged all the edges.  Minky fabric ravels so easily and I wanted it to be really secure and to withstand multiple washes so I figured it wouldn't hurt to serge the edges closed.  

Next came the binding, I bound it in the cotton brown dot fabric and then using decorative stitches from my domestic sewing machine I top stitched the binding down!

So while I didn't manage to get a ton accomplished today I did make the cutest quilt!!

My Niece love it!

I hope you had a great Saturday!!

Happy Quilting!