Friday, November 8, 2013

Downton Abbey!

One of the biggest events at Quilt Market 2013 in Houston was to see the launch of the Downton Abbey Fabric Line by Andover!  The quilts, clothing and accessories are amazingly beautiful!

The ballroom where the official launch was held only held 1,000 people and entry tickets were on a first come first serve basis so everyone was anxious to make certain they could get a ticket to get in!  We got a ticket and the place was PACKED!!

So grab a cup of coffee, a cup of tea or a glass of wine and sit back and enjoy the photo's~

I told you it was packed!  

When they opened the doors for us the WELCOMED our cameras!  See the man and woman sitting there is the dark coat and the blue dress?  They are the Set Designer and the Clothing Designers for Downton Abbey!!!

Here are the quilts!!  

I could not decide which one I liked best which leads me to believe I have to have all of them!

I'm a pushover for beautiful quilting!

Isn't this umbrella stunning?  Just look at how the fussy cut the fabric so that it matches so perfectly at the top!
The beads on the umbrella!  I so wish it was raining and I had this umbrella!

I really loved all the quilts!  The two banners on each side are the Castle Fabric.

Here's one of the many displays showing the umbrellas, quilts, tote bags, clutches and purses!

Looks at the purses!  They are all beautiful!  I especially loved the clutches.

Don't you just LOVE the ruffle on the clutch?

See that very special purple bag?  Inside it is a Fat Quarter from each fabric in the line AND I was able to purchase one!!!  Yup, there is one of these sitting on my cutting table just waiting for me to cut into it!!!!!!!

Again, so beautiful!

Here's a up-close picture of the Fabric with the Downton Abbey Castle Fabric!  I hope they make this in 108 wide for backing fabric!!!

Isn't it beyond beautiful?  This line if from the Dowager Collection!  One of my favorites!

Again, the Dowager Collection with a very modern twist to it!

And the clothing!!!!

With matching purses!

With Yoyo's & Buttons!!

Even the backs of the hats were decorated!!

Accessories to dream about!

Boxes, Clutches, Placemats!!

And more purses!

Pleats & Flowers!

More purses and totes!

And beautiful details!  Do you see the star Christmas Ornament on the left?

These boxes were wonderful!  I would love to organize my sewing room with all of them!

More Clothes!

And Hats!

And Quilts!

And Wall Hangings!

The quilt patterns were both traditional and modern!

I LOVE them all!

Beautiful Wall Hangings!

This was the 'Give-A-Way' Table!

The Costume Designer for Downton Abbey; Susannah Buxton.

The Set Designer for Downton Abbey.

Fall Quilt Market in Houston Texas was an amazing experience!  I can't wait to start sewing with this fabric!!  AND I can't wait for the next season to start!

Happy Quilting!!