Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Quilt Done!

This quilt was so much fun to quilt!  The owner said I could do anything I wanted with this one
so I did!!!
There are a total of 13 blocks with the center being appliqued.  Only one of the blocks was repeated (the basket at the top and the bottom) so I figured I needed to quilt EVERY block differently!
Here we go!!

Talk about fun!
There were aspects of the quilting patterns that I liked and worked well with this beautiful quilt, but there were also aspects of the quilting patterns that I didn't so I manipulated the patterns to be what I wanted them to be based on the blocks!  I LOVE doing this! It is so much fun to take a quilting pattern and change it so that it 'fits' the beautiful quilt!!!

This block was the simplest that I did, the white with small flowers was a real tight meander and the blocks are a flower that is similar to the flower in the fabric.

The quilt is directional so the quilt is also directional,  The heart that you see at the bottom is actually straight up and down.  I think the photographer needs to go back to school :)!!

See the design in the black block?  That's a part of another design that I took apart and only used part of it so it would fit in the block!

It's a little tough to see but if you take a look at the pattern in the tan and black block, that is actually a part of the block from one of the borders, I took that block, duplicated it and created an entirely new quilt pattern that fit the quilt!!

So wish you could see this one better!  The tan and brown blocks are feathers and the other blocks have a beautiful heart with scroll work inside it!

See those small white blocks?  In those I found a really simple circle to quilt in these tiny blocks.

See the pattern in the black block?  That's part of the border and is also the block that I duplicated and combined to make another pattern.  The tan and black triangle have a heart pattern with scroll work. 

The basket again.

My quilting room just isn't big enough to get a picture of the entire quilt!  I'm working on this issue, I need something to hang quilts from so I can take the pictures.  Any suggestions??

I'm off to take more pictures before the customer gets here to pick up her quilt!  Can't wait to show you! 

Happy Quilting!