Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jo Morton Club Quilt!!

I LOVE my job!
Can you imagine being able to spend every day looking at beautiful quilts like this one? 
That's exactly what I get to do every day!

This customer is currently enrolled in a "Jo Morton Club" at her local quilt shop.
This quilt is quite small, the finished size is only 25" x 31"!  Yes, those blocks are really tiny!

The thread color is Amish Red, it matched the background fabric PERFECTLY!

Aren't these blocks pretty?
Here's a photo of the swirl border!

More close ups of the blocks!

This was my favorite block!  Which one is your's?

Another look at the blocks and a little of the border!

I get a little click happy with the camera don't I?

Here's the back!  I wish you could see the detail better!

A close up of the solid block! 

I hope everyone is having a nice week!  I've got a couple of REALLY big quilts to put on the Long Arm so it might be a couple of days before I get more pictures posted. 

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Happy Quilting!