Saturday, November 3, 2012

Grandkids at Halloween!

First and foremost pictures of my grand kids from Halloween! 

Lyon Margaret was a Lion! (Please take note of the quilt on the chair!)

Austin was Spider Man! (and the quilt on the ottoman!)

Natalie was a Lady Bug!
Now on to Quilting!
I've been hearing a lot lately that people aren't considering their quilts done until they have been washed!  I am one of those people that have quilts in every room of my house, I am known to use a quilt as a tablecloth as well as a covering for the chair living room chairs and the living room couch (as proven by the pictures above!)!  Some people think I'm crazy but I love quilts, I love looking at them, feeling them and being surrounded by them.  Well this washing of quilts got me thinking about how much I love the feel of those quilts that have been washed again and again so I just HAD to give one of my newer quilts a wash!  Remember this quilt?  It's a 1600 that I made and quilted this past summer, it's been at one of our local quilt shops for the last few months and I recently pick it up.

Picture before I washed it.


This picture shows it better (I know time to take a photo class!)
It is wonderfully puckery (is that a word?). 
It's soft and cuddly and I am absolutely in LOVE with it!

I managed to get it washed and dried just in time, Natalie and Austin are on their way to my house!
I think we are going to have to put this quilt on the floor and have a tea party and a build a Lincoln Log House!

So in conclusion I think I have to start agreeing with what I'm hearing!  A quilt just may not be completely done until it's washed!  I've just thrown my all white quilt in the washer!  I'll show you how it comes out tomorrow!!
Happy Quilting!