Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This quilt reminds me so much of Christmas!
Paisley's have always been a favorite of mine and this quilt has a couple of different Paisley's in it!
I quilted this quilt with Amish Red thread and the pattern is Paisley!!
Please excuse the clash in colors!  The quilt behind it is one of my designs!
I probably shouldn't be pinning quilts to my quilt to take picutres of should I?
I need to figure out someplace to hang quilts for pictures, any suggestions?

A not so close up of the blocks!  Don't you love the colors? 

The Paisley Pattern that the entire quilt was quilted in.

I tried to get a good shot of the border, hope you can see it!

I promise the border is straight, I had the camera at an angle trying to get a goood shot of the Border!

This was a really nice pattern that matched up easily!

The back!

Another of the back!  I always do love the backs of Quilts!!

Time to get another one on the long arm!

Happy Quilting!