Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Next Quilter In The Family!!!

Every once in a while I put a plain piece of muslin on the Long Arm so I can mess around with new patterns.  Tonight was one of those nights.  Our Granddaughter (Maggie) stopped to see us and show us her beautiful Red Lipstick and Purple Eyeshadow.  As soon as she saw what I was doing she wanted to be a part of the quilting!

Maggie sat on my lap for a while while I quilted but then she decided that she needed to do some designs of her own!!  I found a Sharpie and away she went!  Maggie started drawing boxes and then I drew thread designs in the boxes, she thought that was wonderful!
It wasn't long before I decided the Sharpie wasn't a great idea so I gave her a water soluble marker to play with instead!

That was when she decided that the designs needed some additional color added to them! 

That paisley pattern was missing something, it isn't any more!


We MAY have our next generation of Long Arm Quilter's in the family!!!
Happy Quilting!!