Saturday, January 12, 2013

Urban Beads Part 2 & Batiks

Talk about a day of accomplishments!  I was up and moving this morning and before noon I had been to two local quilt shops to pick up quilts that need to be quilted, drop off quilts that were done and was able to accomplish a little shopping for myself!!!  Fabric shops are the absolute best place for a little shopping fix!  See what I got......

I'm not certain what it is I'm going to do with them yet BUT there are a total of 6 yards there so I'm certain I can find the perfect pattern for them!!

I also finished putting the top together on Urban Beads today!

I can't wait to get this on the Long Arm!  Yesterday the mail man brought the threads that I ordered to quilt this up and tomorrow I'm off to O'Susannah's Quilts and Gifts in Watkins Glen to pick out the binding.

A little bit about the pattern and the ruler, when I first read the pattern instructions I thought there was no way that this would go together without pinning each and every curve.  I started out pinning the first two rows and then thought I'd re-read the directions and also look at the YouTube tutorial that Sew Kind Of Wonderful had done on the ruler.  I did exactly what her directions & the video told me to do and grabbed a couple of scraps of fabric, cut them up and practiced sewing them together and I have to tell you she was RIGHT!!  The curves are so gentle that it absolutely, positively does go together WITHOUT pinning each and every block!!!  YEAH!!

Once I had all the blocks sewn together I pressed the seams open and then put the quilt together row by row, it went together really easily, the seam met at all the intersections!  I would highly recommend pressing the seams open.  I was concerned if I had pressed them to one side I would have quite a bit of bulk at the intersections which could cause issues when quilting and after putting it all together I'm glad I pressed the seams open.  I still need to press the vertical seams open and then give the quilt one more overall good press and then it will be ready for quilting!!

Happy Quilting!