Sunday, January 6, 2013

Miss Marker's Quilts!

I was reading Lily's Blog and reflecting back on what 2012's accomplishments were in my life and realized that my accomplishments brought major change to our family.  2012 started with my husband and myself making a major decision in our lives, after 15 plus years in the Mortgage Banking Industry and many sleepless night and hours of prayer I made the decision to leave that industry and have the passion of my life become my full-time career.  Sewing and Quilting has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  If my mother or maternal grandmother weren't teaching my sisters and I how to sew clothing or quilts we were at our next door neighbors learning embroidery or at our paternal grandmother's learning to knit and crochet.  We grew up surrounded by women who loved these crafts and loved us enough to give of their time and teach us.  The hours of prayer and hours of talking with my mother, sisters and husband finally gave my husband and I the answers we were searching for, 2012 was the year to take my "other job" and make it my full time career!

The next steps was when it really got scary!  I purchased a brand NEW Gammill Statler Stitcher!!  I'm certain you can all imagine the excitement when it was delivered to our home!  Here's a picture of my brand new machine on the day of delivery (I really was beside myself with excitement!).

Then the fun really started!  Getting adjusted to a brand new Long Arm and Gammill's wonderful Breeze Tracking system, talk about floating on the tracks!!!  The first time I went to move the machine head to the other end of the table I thought it was going to fly right off!  It glides so easily that it makes custom work a Breeze and it took no time at all to get adjusted to it!  Here's a picture of my granddaughter and I 'playing' on it!

Miss Marker's Quilts started back in 2005 when McCall's Quick Quilts published one of my designs (Victorian Romance) and 7 years later I'm living my dream!

To follow Miss Marker's Quilts, click on the "Join This Site" link on the right and don't forget to "Like" me on Facebook!  2012 brought many decisions and life changes, 2013 is bringing the opportunity to live my dreams and passions as well as the addition of a new grandchild (this will make 5), 2 more great nephews or nieces and who knows what else!  I'd absolutely love it if you would share my blog with your family and friends!  Please stop back to see what quilt is on the long arm, what block of the month project I'm currently working on, what I'm currently designing and of course some glimpses of my pride and joy, my children and grandchildren!

I'm following Lynn's post @ Lily's !!

Happy Quilting!