Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anchor Quilt

Our daughter (Jackie), her husband (John) and my grandson (AJ) came home for a visit in December.  Our daughter is an Officer in the US Air Force (Labor & Delivery Nurse) and her husband is an Air Traffic Controller in the US Air Force, John is heading to Korea for a year the beginning of February so they all came home for a visit prior to his leaving.  Here's a snapshot of Jackie (center), AJ (blue sweatshirt) and our grandson Austin (red sweatshirt) the day they arrived (John was busy getting all their luggage together).  It was so wonderful to have them all home, their visits are never long enough but I am very thankful that they get to come home.

While the kids (I know, they are grown adults but they'll always be my kids!) were home my daughter wanted to make a quilt for a shower present for her best friend Denise who's baby is due soon.  On my way to the Airport I stopped at a local Quilt Shop (The Scarlet Thread) and picked up some fabric to make a quilt.  The pattern we decided on was real simple, 5 1/2" square blocks sewn together, Jackie made the top and I did the quilting on my Gammill Statler Stitcher.  It was a team effort and I enjoyed every second that we were working on this quilt.  Here's a few pictures of the completed quilt.... (If you click on the pictures they will enlarge so you can see the detail.)

The back, I really liked the Anchors, it tied in perfectly with the fabric and the red quilting thread really pops on the quilt!  The navy blue has white anchors on it,  the light blue is ropes, the white has navy blue sail boats on it and the white has red stars.  

Here's a picture of the front.  If anyone needs a quick and easy quilt to make up for a baby this is the perfect quilt, it takes no time at all to put together and then send it off to your favorite Long Armer and have them pick the perfect quilting pattern to tie it all together!!

You may have to enlarge this photo to see what I did on the Long Arm.  My daughter and I talked about the Signature block but because this is a baby quilt and we want Denise and the baby to use it I wanted the signature block to be part of the quilt so I programmed my Gammill to stitch out the signature block.  It says: Made with love for Benjamin Charles St Peter by Jacqueline Cropper & Margaret Leuwen.  

My daughter is sending me pictures of Denise opening the quilt, as soon as I get them I'll add them to this post!