Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tracy's Quilt

I wanted to share this quilt with everyone, it is so pretty and is one of the first quilts Tracy has ever made!  Be prepared because I got a little 'click' happy with the camera on this one!

A close up of the quilting and her blocks.  I used King Tut's Sands of Time thread, LOVE the variegated threads the offer!!!

Another close up, take a look at those points!

The quilting pattern is a simple all over meander.

Now you can see more of the quilt's pattern.  Isn't it pretty?  The quilt itself is pretty busy so we opted to have the quilt be really simple quilting so that the quilt pattern stands out more.

My Gammill at work!  I love my Gammill!

More pictures, I know, I'm click happy!  

I really like the colors she picked, the red  & black really gives it a POP and the green & white give your eyes a place to rest.

My Gammill at work!

I didn't get a picture of it all done but it is and I'm on to the next quilt!  I believe the next up is one that needs to get done right away!!  The quilter is donating it to a High School so that it can be raffled off at an event to support their Marching Band!  I'm going to have to purchase some of those tickets, wish me luck!!!!

Happy Quilting!